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"I always recommend people to LL Barrowcliff Solicitors because they look into your matter and work towards it without delay.  They are really dedicated; their correspondence is easy to understand.  Just tell them what the problem is about and leave the rest to them."

Mrs. A Allen, London


"Dear Nigel,

Thank you for your recent communication. I confirm that I am now in receipt of the cheque as advised. A brief note to express my gratitude for the tireless effort of the team in dealing with this matter. I appreciate the level of professionalism & efficiency demonstrated and would not hesitate to refer your services to any potential clients.

Kind regards,

Miss WS, London


LLB Solicitors - client testimonials


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"I injured my shoulder after being hit by car as I was crossing a road. I was under 18 at the time and so with the help of my mother, instructed Solicitors to represent me. Unfortunately they let me down. The Solicitors failed to investigate my case properly , advised me it was difficult and then appeared to lose interest. A few years later it struck me that I might not have received proper advice. It was too late to take action against the driver who hit me so my new Solicitor, Mr Barrowcliff pursued a case against my former Solicitors for negligent advice. I took Court proceedings against them but ultimately LLBarrowcliff ensured Solicitors paid me compensation before the case came to trial. 

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and I would recommend LLBarrowcliff Solicitors to anyone who has been let down by their Solicitor. "

C Martin Manchester


I have appreciated Nigel Barrowcliff’s professional knowledge, his understanding ways and patience.

The trauma and upset I experienced, the aggravation I still have all as a consequence of a beautician’s negligence and the ongoing camouflaging of injury sustained has been eased by the very fair compensation that LLBarrowcliff achieved for me.

Nigel Barrowcliff treated me well as a client in a sympathetic and patient way and a telephone discussion with him always left me in a positive frame of mind even when I was feeling low.

The ‘No win, No fee’ terms made my situation tenable, less stressful as I didn’t have to worry about ongoing costs arising from the odd ‘phone call, etc. I was grateful at the end of the process to find that there were no deductions for costs of any sort from the settlement figure.

I am very satisfied and pleased to recommend him to anyone who has suffered a similar experience to mine.

Yours faithfully,

E Allan, Hertfordshire


"I dealt with Nigel on sometimes a weekly basis, he was at all times approachable, professional, reassuring and we received an excellent personal level of service.

I would without hesitation recommend Nigel to any family or friends in need of legal advice etc, our experience was such, our family hold Nigel as a dedicated solicitor but also a friend."

P Sherwood, Stockport


"I remember meeting Nigel before I had my first brain operation and he wasnt as I expected....Nigel was friendly, listened, was clear in explaining what we needed to do and always asked me my thoughts. His commitment to my case was always 100%. He explored through his contacts and knowledge the best medical professionals to help me....

I will always be thankful to Nigel and recall when we went to Liverpool for a meeting. Under immense pressure he negotiated the best outcome for me resulting in a settlement which helped me on to the property ladder."

T Sherwood, Stockport


"As soon as I had made the call to yourselves the service and speed of the claim was very fast indeed.  I had help with every step of the claim and was fully briefed as what to expect..... and the outcome from yourselves was spot on. 

I have and would recommend people that have been in similar situations to myself to yourselves as I felt that Paul McNulty and indeed the company were with me 100% of the way, this was very reassuring.  Thank you so much for everything.

Many thanks"

S Jarrold

"I can't thank Nigel Barrowcliff enough for all his help with my claim. He exceeded my expectations and made the whole process straightforward and hassle free. After suffering an allergic reaction, Nigel Barrowcliff won an out of court settlement for me of £25,000. I believe this amount reflects Nigel's expertise in this area and his sheer professionalism.

I was angry about what had happened to me and I wanted the salon to be accountable for what they did. Nigel investigated my case thoroughly and at no cost to myself. I would recommend Nigel Barrowcliff to all."

J Harrison, Leeds


" Nigel Barrowcliff represented me in a litigation suit. It was a difficult case involving numerous overlapping complex  and sensitive issues... Throughout, I received friendly and professional service from Nigel. I was always kept informed with regards to the progress in my case.

I always felt comfortable and secure in Nigel's judgement and understanding of the law and I appreciated his straightforward advice. I really appreciated his sensitive handling of the case and his effort to make personal home visits. My confidence in Nigel’s judgment and strategy proved fruitful as he was able to achieve a satisfactory settlement with the defendants. I would recommend his services to anyone who may require a solicitor."

H Crabtree, Southport


"I'm unsure if a case like mine has ever come to the attention of a legal team ,but I would hope that in future if something similar to this was to happen again, a team of solicitors would not hesitate to pursue the case with the determination and gusto my own team has done.

My solicitors, particulary Mr Paul Mcnulty, have worked tirelessly tracking down certain individuals, companies, rules and regulations, and documents to bring this case to an end, and undoubtedly without his help and input, I would still be going around in circles... I have experienced all emotions ranging from anger to frustration, especially when the defendants have withheld vital information and records that could have brought these proceedings to a speedy end. I still suffer pain on a daily basis with my wrist, and continue to take very strong pain killers to this day to alleviate the pain....

Me and my wife would personally like to thank my legal team, particularly Paul, for believing in us, taking the time to listen to us, and pursuing all lines of enquiry and avenues... So, once again thank you for your time, patience,and determination in bringing this case to a just conclusion. I would and will in future have no hesitation in recommending LL Barrowcliff Solicitors to friends and family who, hopefully not tempting fate, find themselves in my position. We would personally like to thank Paul who has been our mainstay and constant point of contact, and has kept us informed of the details as they occur. His information has been clear and concise, and that softly spoken Irish accent,comforting when frustration began to get the better of us! For this we thank you Paul."

M Grannell, Devon

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