Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I choose you as my solicitor? My insurance company want me to use their solicitors.

Yes, absolutely. You have a choice in who represents you. It is a breach of European Law to unreasonably restrict your choice of solicitor when pursuing a case. Sometimes insurers are incentivised to point you to a lawyer they have a relationship with. Just contact us and we will speak to them for you and resolve the issue. The situation can be different if you are defending a claim against you or your company. We can quickly and easily advise you .

2.  I am not happy with my solicitor and the service I am getting. Can I instruct you even though my case is ongoing?

Yes, we are happy to look into this problem for you. We will deal direct with your solicitors and arrange for a case transfer.

3. Does it matter if I am not local to you?

No, we operate a nationwide service and this can include our home visit service.

4. I am worried about receiving high legal bills. How much will it cost me?

In some cases eg personal injury, the case will usually cost you nothing because we can use a no win no fee agreement. We are flexible and can agree fixed fees or installment payments depending on the legal work conducted. Whatever works best for you. However we will be absolutely clear about costs and will never pressurise you into a dispute that may be costly. We always allow a cooling off period in any event.

5. I had a case concluded by solicitors but I am concerned I didn't receive the right amount of compensation. Can you look into it for me?

Yes, of course. We can arrange for the retrieval of your former solicitor's file of papers if the case was settled in the last 6 years. We can in some cases investigate further back in  time than this.

6.  Are you open in the evenings or at weekends? I can't make phone calls during work hours.

We are open until 6pm Monday to Fridays and from 9 - 1pm on Saturdays. We can arrange to call you in the evenings. Simply send an email asking for us to call at your preferred time and we will do the rest.

7. Can you help us avoid litigation?

Yes. The best way of avoiding unnecessary litigation is to plan your private and business affairs and to take regular stock of the situation. Many employment disputes, commercial disagreements and accidents can be avoided through proper risk assessment and precaution. Often clients operate or attempt to operate unrealistic procedures that cannot be followed in practise. We can help you set realistic and pragmatic solutions. When litigation is unavoidable we can offer mediation, joint settlement meetings, arbitration and other cost effective solutions.

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LLB Solicitors - frequently asked questions


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