You would be forgiven for believing we live in a compensation culture where accident compensation claims rise year on year.  This is a myth perpetuated in the media and the insurance industry.  It isn’t supported by the facts.  The most recent available data shows that since 2012/13 the number of personal injury claims registered with the Compensation Recovery Unit has actually fallen by 178,794.  That is a 17% reduction.  Indeed, Road Traffic Accident compensation claims have fallen by 20%, yet the insurance industry still tries to create the impression that personal injury claims are increasing – they do this whenever they are asked why insurance premiums are going up.  The reasons behind increasing insurance premiums are complex and are undoubtedly driven in part by shareholder profit, but it is simply wrong to blame innocent injured people for increasing premiums when they are simply looking to recover compensation after being injured in an accident.   You can see the statistics for yourself here.


It is not often any positive news about personal injury lawyers reaches the public, but you may also be interested to know, that over the past five years the Department for Work and Pensions has recovered an average of £125 million per year in benefit payments.  This happens because when a personal injury solicitor wins a compensation claim, the government are also able to recover any benefit payments associated with the accident – so, if a client has been forced onto benefits because they are unable to work due to a serious injury, then the government (on behalf of the public) will recover those benefit payments from the negligent party’s insurance company.  This money is then available for the benefit of society and taxpayers.  Without solicitors fighting to win personal injury claims, this money would not be recovered and would instead swell the profits of the insurance companies.


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