Commercial disputes cost businesses in both time and money. We support small to medium sized businesses to resolve their disputes in a way that is affordable, effective and tailored to your specific requirements.

No two problems affecting businesses are ever identical. Central to our approach is to listen and understand the precise nature of your problem and then develop a strategy to achieve your desired outcome. Sometimes cases require quick, decisive Court action, but not all disputes are best resolved via litigation – often Alternative Dispute Resolution such as Mediation is a more effective option. Moreover, sometimes you are best advised not to pursue an action at all. We will only represent you if we think you have a good case and one that is worth your while pursuing.

Commercial Litigation FAQs

What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation essentially means any dispute between two businesses, which requires the application of the law to resolve. Commercial Litigation involves civil matters (not criminal actions such as fraud) and often involves the following types of disputes between clients/customers, suppliers, business partners, or other B2B relationships:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Defending Claims
  • Mediation
  • Commercial Landlord / Tenant Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Injunctions


How do you charge?

Initially we will speak to you free of charge to get a sense of the problem and assess whether we can assist. If we accept your case, we will offer you a fixed fee which will depend on the volume of documentation we need to review and the complexity of your issue.  Often clients like to proceed in stages, so we will agree an initial fixed fee of between £300 – £1,000 to address your immediate requirements and review at every stage along the way.  Once we have a full understanding of your case we will review the funding terms and advise you of the most suitable funding model for your case – whether that is paying by the hour, a fixed fee, or on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Why Instruct us?

Solicitor Guarantee

Unlike many of our competitors we guarantee that your case will be handled by a qualified and experienced solicitor throughout. This leads to better outcomes for our clients.


Law Society Accredited and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulations Authority – you have peace of mind that we are regulated professionals, fully insured to represent your interests.


Our ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ charging structure allows us to represent you without compromising on service or quality.

Proven Track Record

Since we started in 2012, we have recovered many millions of pounds in compensation for our clients, achieving a 99.3% client satisfaction score. Most of our work comes from client recommendations.


We will work hard to fully understand your problem and your priorities so we can find the most effective route to achieving your desired outcome.

Nationwide Service

From our offices in Cheadle Hulme and Tarporley we represent clients right across England and Wales.