We understand the wide-ranging impact of losing a limb and how it affects every aspects of your life. 

Our approach to such claims is two-fold: First, we focus on immediate rehabilitation requirements and how private care can assist you with your recovery or (where appropriate) to avoid the need for an amputation altogether.  Second, we work with the UK’s best barristers and doctors to build your case to ensure you achieve the maximum compensation available. If you want to talk about how we can help you with your claim please contact us for a free, no obligation discussion.

Amputations often occur alongside other serious injuries. Read more about Serious & Catastrophic Injury here or read on below to learn more about how we support those affected by amputation or limb loss.

Amputation FAQs

Do you have experience representing clients who have suffered limb loss or face an amputation?

Yes. It is important to select a lawyer with the right experience for your case. At the outset of a personal injury claim it is not always known whether an amputation will be necessary. It can take many years of surgical interventions and rehabilitation before you and your medical team reach that decision. Therefore, if you face any risk of amputation it is important to instruct experienced solicitors at the outset so that if the worst does happen your lawyers are in place with the expertise to assist. We have represented many clients who are living with the aftermath of limb loss. We work with specialist rehabilitation providers to support amputees with coordinated multi-disciplinary care to ensure our clients have the best chance of living their fullest life following a life-changing injury. We use our experience to ensure that the compensation award will be sufficient to support you throughout your life.


How much compensation am I entitled to?

We caution against a simple reading of the published guideline awards, particularly for amputation claims. If you have an Amputation claim it is likely that you will also have a claim for ongoing care and loss of earnings, which can be substantial. We will also coordinate rehabilitation (including advanced prosthetics) and can claim for home adaptations or re-housing. The overall compensation entitlement is therefore different for everyone and it requires detailed work to ensure you recover all that you are entitled to. Nevertheless, you may be interested in the following national guidelines for the injury element alone:

Amputation of Index Finger:

Amputation of Little Finger:

Amputation of Thumb:

Loss of an Arm (at Shoulder):

Loss of both Arms:

Loss of Both Hands:

Loss of one Hand:

Leg Amputation (above knee):

Loss of both legs:


£8,110 – £11,490

£33,330 – £51,460


£225,960 – £281,520

£132,040 – £189,110

£90,250 – £102,890

£98,380 – £129,010

£225,960 – £264,650


How do you charge?

We offer ‘No Win, No Fee’ terms for amputation and limb loss compensation claims. See Our Fees for more information.  If you have any questions, please contact us directly.  If your case involves limb loss speak to your solicitor about our preferential rates.  

Why Instruct Us?

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Unlike many of our competitors we guarantee that your case will be handled by a qualified and experienced solicitor throughout. This leads to better outcomes for our clients.


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