We put rehabilitation at the centre of our approach to personal injury claims.

Financial compensation is the primary way our justice system operates to rebalance a wrong following a personal injury, but experience has taught us that our clients’ priority is to maximise the chances of recovering from their injuries. Effective rehabilitation is key, and it makes a real difference to the lives of our clients.

We are not medical professionals and our role in your recovery is one of support and coordination. We have many years of experience working with injured clients on their road to recovery.

We use our experience to help our clients to find, fund and organise the best quality treatment available. Such rehabilitation may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), or other treatments specific to your circumstances and needs.

We work constructively and collaboratively with our opponents’ insurance company to focus on early intervention rehabilitation.

How do I access Early
Intervention Rehabilitation?

The purpose of Rehabilitation is to help injured clients make the best and quickest possible medical, social, vocational and psychological recovery. To achieve this goal, we need to act quickly to notify our opponents of your rehabilitation needs.

We start with an assessment of your immediate needs. We will talk to you to understand whether there is a need for treatment, aids, adaptations, adjustments to employment, etc. We will consider the need to alleviate any problems related to your injuries and we will communicate your needs to our opponents. When we receive an offer of support from our opponent’s insurance company, we will discuss this with you and coordinate the delivery of your rehabilitation. All of this can take place prior to obtaining formal medical evidence. It is another reason why we encourage clients to contact us as soon as possible following an accident.

For our most seriously injured clients we work with professional Case Managers who are directly involved with the coordination of patient care in consultation with NHS clinicians to ensure that all our clients’ medical needs are being addressed.

What is the benefit in involving
my legal team with my

At all times, you should follow the advice of your GP and your treating doctors. Where possible we work in coordination with your treatment providers to access funds to accelerate private treatment. Such treatment may not be available on the NHS or may be subject to long waiting periods. We also have strong relationships with charities and support groups that may be able to assist you and your family.

An added benefit of our involvement in the rehabilitation process is that it helps with our understanding of your current and future needs. This allows us to accurately present your case to our opponents and ensures we don’t overlook any requirements, such as the costs of modifications to your home, support with household tasks, care provision, etc.

How are my rehabilitation
needs assessed?

There are ten markers to be considered when assessing an injured person’s rehabilitation needs:

  1. Age (particularly if a child or elderly)
  2. Pre-existing conditions
  3. Return to work/education issues
  4. Dependents living at home
  5. Geographic location
  6. Mental capacity
  7. Activities of daily living in the short-term and long-term
  8. Realistic goals, aspirations, attainments
  9. Fatalities/those who witness major incidence of trauma within the same accident
  10. Length of time post-accident

The first step is to make contact us with us so we can provide you with advice specific to your case.