Can I claim compensation from a hairdresser?

Yes.  Hairdressers have a duty of care to their customers.  Hairdressers who act recklessly and cause injury to their customers are liable to pay compensation. In many ways, claims against hairdressers proceed much like any other personal injury claim, but there are specific features of hairdressing compensation claims which means you should always contact a firm with specialist experience for help following an injury caused by a hairdresser.  Contact us for a free initial consultation now.

Do I have an injury claim for compensation against my hairdresser?

The first question we will need to need to answer is whether you have an injury claim, or if your issue is more of a service complaint.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your hair style following a visit to your hairdresser, then you should address this directly with the salon or your hairdresser.  You may be entitled to a refund if your hairdresser has not achieved the outcome you were promised.  Such issues are not injury claims, and as solicitors we do not get involved in complaints about hair styles gone wrong.  Our expertise lies in helping people recover compensation if they have suffered physical injury to their hair.  Often such injuries are caused by over-processing or bleaching which can cause serious damage to hair, making it dry or brittle and causing it to snap, break or fall out.  Many clients complain of burns, bald patches or irritation to the scalp.   Injuries can also arise from allergic reactions or from cuts or burns.  If your hairdresser has caused you any kind of injury, we would be happy to hear from you to discuss your options.

How to protect yourself and avoid injuries:

Making a hairdressing compensation claim is not a position anyone wants to be in so it is important to choose your hairdresser carefully.  Our advice is to always ensure you use a registered hairdresser who is insured for injury claims.  Look out for the initials SRH (State Registered Hairdresser) or use the search facility provided Hair Council to find a registered hairdresser.  Currently, under the Hairdressers (Registration) Act 1964 registration is voluntary for hairdressers, rather than mandatory.  We support the campaign by the Hair Council for compulsory registration, because registration leads to better standards and better recourse when things go wrong.

The Hair Council confirm that currently the only redress available to members of the public who have been let down by their hairdresser is via the courts with the help of experienced personal injury solicitors.  You can read more about the Hair Council here, or find out more about the activity of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Hairdressing, Barbering and Cosmetology here.

In addition to compulsory registration, we would like to see compulsory insurance for hairdressers.  It is a huge oversight that an industry valued at £6.6bn to the UK economy does not require its practitioners to be insured for injury.  It often comes as an unpleasant surprise when our clients realise that their hairdresser is not insured.  This can delay recovering compensation as we need to pursue the individual hairdresser directly.  If you are a hairdresser or a salon owner, we cannot recommend strongly enough that you make sure you are fully insured before you ever see a customer.  If you are not insured and something goes wrong, you may face a hefty bill for compensation and legal fees and you could risk losing your home or even facing bankruptcy.  We understand that Members of the Hair Council can obtain preferential insurance rates.

What is the claims process?

After you contact us with details of your incident (along with photographs of your hair) we will consider your claim.  If we think you have a good case we will offer you a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.  This agreement means that we can get on with your claim without the need for you to pay any money upfront.  If we are unsuccessful with your claim you do not pay us a penny.  Your solicitor will explain our ‘no win, no fee’ agreement to you and answer any questions you may have.  We will then arrange for you to be seen by a specialist to assess the damage to your hair.  We will present your case to the hair salon and invite them to accept responsibility.  Depending on the response, we will proceed to either settle your case or take court action.  We do not shy away from taking court action, but more often than not we are able to negotiate a settlement without the need for court proceedings.  We will keep you informed throughout.

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