£345,000 compensation for injured motorcyclist 

LLB Solicitors has recovered a life-changing £345,000 compensation for an injured motorcyclist who suffered pelvic, knee and wrist injuries following a road traffic accident in Stockport. Read about the case below or contact us for help and support with your own claim.

The Motorbike Accident:

Our client was an experienced motorcyclist living and working in Stockport, Cheshire. He was returning home on his Ducati Multistrada when a Ford Galaxy unexpectedly pulled out of a side road directly in front of him. He collided with the side of the Ford and was thrown over his handlebars and the car bonnet and into the road. Following the collision, his first recollection was a feeling of panic because he couldn’t feel his legs. He noticed his footwear had come off and he was unable to move his toes on his right foot.

A member of the public called the emergency services. The police were the first to arrive at the scene followed by the paramedics. Our client was bleeding profusely from his thigh. The Paramedics applied a torniquet to his leg to stop the bleeding. His pelvis was immobilised in a brace at the scene, and he was transferred to hospital by ambulance where he was assessed by the medical team.

The Injuries

Our client suffered a range of serious injuries including a fractured right pubic ramus (pelvis), a left tibial plateau fracture (knee), a left radial head fracture (wrist), and, as is alarmingly common in serious motorbike accidents, he also suffered serious testicular injuries. He remained in hospital for two weeks during which he underwent surgery for the fractured pelvis whereby the fracture was fixed with a pubic symphyseal plate with transacral screw. At the same time, he underwent an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of the fractured radial head. Post-operatively, his left arm was immobilised in a cast. As would be expected, he also suffered psychological trauma in the form of anxiety, flashbacks and nightmares, exacerbated by the fact his testicular injuries raised concerns about future fertility.

The Personal Injury Claim

Our client’s wife approached LLB Solicitors during his stay in hospital. We agreed to act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and immediately set about preparing the case. We contacted the insurance company of the Ford Galaxy driver who had caused the accident and presented the preliminary details of the claim. Our client was on a long road to recovery and needed to use a wheelchair for around five months post-surgery. As his recovery progressed he became more positive about his future, but he was frustrated because his injuries meant he was unable to work in his previous construction job. We were able to secure 15 interim payments during the course of his claim, averaging £4,000 each. This allowed him to meet his financial obligations and focus on his physical recovery. During his claim, we also arranged for a comprehensive programme of rehabilitation, including private physiotherapy and counselling, both of which helped him to regain his strength and rebuild his life.

We obtained medical evidence from some of the top doctors in the country, which detailed the extent of his injuries and the lasting consequences. We assessed his financial losses, which included a claim for lost earnings and the cost of his damaged motorbike, but also the costs of care and medication. After extended negotiations with the driver’s insurance company we negotiated a settlement without the need for formal court proceedings. Our client recovered £345,000.00 in compensation which has allowed him to move forward with his life.

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