Warehouse delivery bay

 £105,000 compensation for HGV driver injured in accident at work

Mr B is a 65-year-old man who at the time of his work accident was living in Greater Manchester where he worked as an HGV driver. On the day of the incident, he was at the loading bay of his employer’s premises. He was closing the door of his lorry when he slipped on ice, fell backwards and hit his head on the ground, knocking himself unconscious.

When he regained consciousness, he had no memory of what had happened but was bleeding heavily from the back of his head and suffering pain in his shoulder, neck and back. He was taken by ambulance to hospital.

At hospital they treated the laceration to his scalp with tissue glue and diagnosed further injuries to his right shoulder (rotator cuff tear) and to his neck and back (fracture of the spinous process of T3 and soft tissue injury of cervical spine). He was admitted to hospital for a week for observations due to post-concussion syndrome.

After the Accident

Following discharge from hospital Mr B suffered recurrent headaches and vertigo and required surgery involving arthroscopic repair of a rotator cuff tear, decompression and AC joint excision. He was unable to return to work and couldn’t even manage the stairs at home. He couldn’t do his gardening and relied heavily on his wife for assistance at home.

Mr B approached LLB Solicitors for help. He spoke to a specialist solicitor and we agreed to act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and started preparing his case. We obtained specialist medical evidence from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, a neurologist and an ENT consultant. We assessed his financial losses and presented his case to his employer’s insurance company. Faced with all the evidence, his employers admitted responsibility for the injury, but disputed the value of the claim. Eventually, they offered to settle his case for £80,000. On our advice Mr B rejected this offer and we were subsequently able to successfully negotiate a settlement in the sum of £105,000. Mr B is now able to move on with his life and enjoy his hard-earned retirement.

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