Motorbike accident

Our client was riding his motorbike near Stockport on a sunny afternoon, when he was suddenly struck by a car in a head on collision.  Witnesses report he was thrown 20ft through the air resulting in a serious knee injury.  The car driver was subsequently prosecuted for dangerous driving.  We were instructed to pursue a personal injury claim and to help our client to access rehabilitation to aid his recovery.

Our client suffered a severe and complex set of injuries in the collision.  These included a head injury, contusion to the lungs, internal bleeding and injury to his right arm, but most notably he suffered a serious injury to his knee.  The knee injury left the client with serious problems.  He was diagnosed with multiple ligamentous injury involving the posterolateral corner and anterior cruciate ligament which required knee surgery.  His multiple surgical interventions included reconstruction of the ligaments.  The hospital performed high tibial osteotomy to correct the alignment of his knees and delay the onset of post traumatic degenerative changes.

We pursued the car driver via their insurance company and secured £240,000.00 in compensation for the pain and suffering caused as well as to help with future treatment needs and his loss of earning.

Lead solicitor Nigel Barrowcliff commented: “Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and suffer more serious injuries on the road, per mile travelled, than any other group.  Motorcyclists require specialist support following an accident to ensure that the mechanics of the accident are well understood, and vehicle repairs can be attended to along with the personal injury aspect of the claim.  We have supported many motorcyclists to recover the compensation they deserve, and I was delighted with the outcome we achieved on this case.  £240,000 will make a real difference to our client’s future.”

We support all campaigns to encourage car drivers to look-out for bike riders, but there are also some things motorcyclists can do to protect themselves, including

  • protective gear
  • slowing down and riding defensively
  • riding safely in groups
  • protecting your passengers
  • training to be a better rider

Read more here from Brake, the road safety charity:  Read More

It is important to note that from 31st May 2021 new rules came into effect relating to Road Traffic Incidents which can make it more difficult to claim compensation following a road incident (read more here). However, motorcyclists, cyclists, horse-riders and pedestrians benefit from significant exemptions so please contact us if you have any queries following a road accident. We offer a free, no obligation consultation with one of our specialist solicitors – you can call us on 0161 989 9400 or complete the contact us form.