Our client recovered £1 million in compensation following an Accident at Work.

Our client worked as a ground-worker for a construction company. Whilst at site working on the installation of a manhole, the Defendant caused our client to fall into a 3.5-meter-deep hole.  This caused our client to suffer multiple fractured ribs, severe contusion of the spinal cord and a fractured vertebra.

Our client delayed starting an Accident at Work claim because his employer also employed his two sons.  Our client feared that if he started a personal injury claim against his employer then his sons would lose their jobs.  In Accident at Work cases such as this, claimants have three years to either settle their claim or start formal Court proceedings.  Our client contacted us just five days before his case was due to expire.  He did this with the backing of his sons, who supported their father as they could see how serious his injuries were.

We issued Court proceedings immediately for the multiple health and safety violations that caused our client’s injuries. We went on to negotiate a one-million-pound settlement within six months.  This was a great result for our client.  If he had waited just one more week, he would have received nothing.  If you think you might have a claim for personal injury, don’t delay.  Seek advice as soon as possible.

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