£10,000.00 compensation for client who suffered chemical burns to her forehead after attending a hair salon for a balayage treatment.


Miss P visited a hair salon in Cheshire for a balayage treatment. The treatment involved the application of bleach to her hair, with the placement of her hair in foils to lighten the appearance of her hair. During the course of the treatment, she noticed that there was a burning sensation on her forehead, caused by some of the bleach running down onto her face. She alerted the stylist and eventually he wiped the bleach from her face. As she travelled home, the burning feeling became more severe, and she was left with a noticeable burnt area to her forehead.  She was in considerable discomfort so visited her GP who assessed the chemical burn and advised her to apply topical treatments such as Germalene. Over the following weeks the area crusted over and healed, but she was left with areas of hyperpigmentation. (Read more about hyperpigmentation)

Our client approached the hairdressing salon to complain and requested a refund of the £240.00 she had paid for the balayage treatment. The salon refused on the basis that she had signed a waiver form and instead offered her £100.00 – unbelievably this offer was on the condition that our client post a positive review of the stylist on social media! At this point, a week after the initial incident, she contacted us for help.

On receipt of Miss P’s email enquiry, one of the solicitors from our dedicated Hair Claims team arranged to speak with her over the phone and took full details of the incident. We accepted her case on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and proceeded to present the claim to the salon’s insurance company, and subsequently to their solicitors. We arranged for Miss P to be seen by a specialist plastic surgeon who prepared a report documenting the injury and confirming that unfortunately there would be some permanent hyperpigmentation to her forehead. Following negotiations with the hair salon’s solicitors we settled the claim for £10,000.00. Given that Miss P had originally just asked the salon for a refund, she was delighted with the outcome.

Personal Injury Solicitor Lee Jones says:

If you have suffered chemical burns at the hairdressers, you should visit your GP or local pharmacist for medical support and then seek legal advice because you may be entitled to compensation. This is the case even if you have signed a waiver. Miss P was left with permanent discolouration to her forehead which caused her significant discomfort and distress and required her to incur expenses in terms of treatment and cosmetics. I’m pleased we were able to assist her to recover compensation, and all within less than a year.

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